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Road Traffic Law Experts

Road Traffic Law Experts

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Do you NEED to win your case?

Dubbed by the press as “Scotland’s Loophole Lawyer” Graham Walker and his team are available today to discuss your case.

Does your job, your mortgage, your well being depend upon your driving licence?

In cases defended by us we keep more than 94% of our clients on the road! We believe we are the only firm in Scotland to have this independently checked.

We don’t take on every case, that is one of the reasons that we have a high win rate, so call today to discuss YOUR chances of winning. If we think your chances of success are low we will tell you and still provide you with FREE legal advice. 

“I set up the first firm in Scotland to specialise exclusively in this area of law and my team have an incredible win rate. We are road traffic law experts who deal with these type of cases everyday. We make it easy for you to understand exactly where you stand and we offer to waive our usual £350+VAT Caseplanner(c)  Fee to enable us to meet with you as soon as possible and help relieve the stress and anxiety of not knowing exactly where you stand.” Graham Walker

Road Traffic Law Experts-dubbed by the press as “Scotland’s Loophole Lawyer”

We were the first firm in Scotland to specialise exclusively in road traffic law. We are road traffic law experts. Road Traffic Law is what we do every day….nothing else! If there are any new developments in the law then we will know about them and we make it our business to know about them before anyone else.

Many law firms now claim a specialist expertise in this field of law and we see new websites with fantastic win rates cropping up all over the internet but who can you trust with your case and what research can you do, to to sort the wheat from the chaff?

See our independent Trust Pilot Reviews  (We have the highest satisfaction rating of any road traffic firm in the UK)  Road Traffic Law Specialist: What to Look For?

  • Check when the domain was registered to see how long the firm have actually been online. Our domain was registered in 2001
  • Check their statistics e.g. Ask them what their case sample size was and how they define case success? We base our stats on 1000 random cases
  • Check the terms of any guarantee. We guarantee the outcome agreed in our terms of engagement or your money back.
  • Check if they have hidden costs? We guarantee a Fixed Fee and it does not change no matter how often we need to attend court.
  • Check if they really are “Experts” Mr Walker has been invited to provide member training for the Law Society of Scotland, Glasgow Bar Association, The Royal Faculty of Procurators, and Scottish courts. He has featured on TV, Radio and National Newspapers and has represented fellow solicitors, advocates, barristers,Queens Counsel  and even police officers.
  • Flashy websites can be created by anyone- We are invited, founder members of the Association of Motor Offence Lawyers.
  • Celebrity endorsement is never encouraged or rewarded but many of our cases are reported and in the public domain.

We are proud of our success rate but also proud of what our clients say about us.

If you have been charged with any other motoring offence in Scotland then you should call the Road Traffic Law Experts now.

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