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Speeding Cases in Dundee|Calls for “Crackdown”

Speeding cases in Dundee An increase in Speeding cases in Dundee has resulted in a call for action to increase police presence and prosecute more drivers. It comes after new Police Scotland figures revealed that at least 14 drivers were caught breaking the speed limit...

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Using A Mobile Phone When Driving, The Law In Scotland

If using a mobile phone when driving then expect 6pp and a hefty fine or worse.The Prime Minister was quick to respond to the public outcry over the case of lorry driver Tomasz Kroker, who was scrolling through music on his phone just before he ploughed into stationary traffic on the A34 in Berkshire, killing Tracy Houghton, 45, her sons Ethan, 13, and 11-year-old Josh, and step-daughter Aimee Goldsmith, 11. These cases should not be mixed up in the mind of the public with the offence of "using a mobile phone while driving" read more

Caught For A CU80 The Law in Scotland

Drivers in Scotland who are caught using a handheld mobile phone at the wheel will face Insurance hikes of approx £200 per annum as well as the increased penalty point endorsement (6pp instead of 3pp) As of March 1 motorists who are caught using their phone will be fined up to £200 - previously £100 - and receive six penalty points on their licence. read more

Drug-driving and roadside testing in Scotland | The law in Scotland

It is illegal to drive if impaired by drugs - whether they are prescription drugs or illegal substances like cannabis or cocaine. Prescription drugs are the ones that tend to trip people up as some folk take a chance and drive even when they know that the drugs have come with direct clear warnings regarding he use of mechanical equipment or driving! Those using prescription drugs within recommended amounts are not penalised one simply has to make sure that you have read and understood the instructions. read more

The Law and the New Driving Test

We all know that Smart Phones can be set up to provide GPS coordinates and indeed act as Sat Nav devices but what new drivers need to know is that they can have their nice new licences revoked if they use their use their phones as Sat Navs, They need to take care that the operation of the telephone as an interactive device such as a Sat Nav does not interfere with their ability to drive the car e.g. Don' use it from your lap or propped against the radio- get a special holder for it and DON'T go pressing buttons on it as you drive or even sit at traffic-this will be regarded as Mobile Phone Use and you will face 6pp a £200 fine and revocation of your licence. Back to the drawing board and back to paying for even more lessons! read more

The Law and Average Speed Cameras

The Law and Average Speed Cameras More speed cameras have been approved for Scottish roads and we will see a new installation of average speed cameras The A90 cameras will be the third such scheme in Scotland, following the introduction of average speed stretches on...

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The Easy Way To Fund Your Road Traffic Case

You may not realise it, but you may well have legal expenses insurance through your house or car insurance policies, or through membership of a trade union or some other such organisation. It is important that you check to see if you have such insurance cover, otherwise you could end up paying for legal advice that you could have claimed for free. We can help you review your policies and make a claim where necessary. read more

The Law| New Penalties for Mobile Phone Use In Scotland

The new penalties for using your mobile phone whilst driving means more and more drivers will face a ban under “totting up” provisions. If you get 12 or more points on your licence within any 3 year period you are facing a ban UNLESS you can demonstrate on the balance of probabilities that "Exceptional Hardship" would occur or that “Special Reasons” existed at the time of the offence. 6pp within 2 years of passing your test means a revocation of your hard earned driving licence and back to the drawing board for you with a res sit of your full driving test before you can take to the road again. Insurance companies also take the opportunity to up your alreaedy high premiums if you manage to return to the road. read more

How to Handle Being Stopped By Traffic Police In Scotland

A broken brake light, suspected mobile phone use, speeding or even simply random questioning, the police can pull you and your car over for any number for reasons, but what do you do if you find yourself being stopped by traffic police in Scotland? Here is a short description and video on How to handle being stopped by traffic police in Scotland. read more

Seminar-Special Reasons and Exceptional Hardship Proofs


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Sentence for Mobile Phone Driving Doubled

Sentence for Mobile Phone Driving Doubled Well, it's been a long time coming but this change was sure to come. 6 penalty points and a £200 fine applicable from today for anyone caught using their mobile phone whilst driving. As I reported back in Jan:- Officers handed...

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