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CU80 Driving Offence: Penalty Codes Explained

CU80 Driving Offence: Penalty Codes Explained We can help. We are only a phone call away. We represent drivers throughout Scotland. Click to call NOW  0800 612 9597 Using a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle. Conviction for a CU80 Driving Offence could see...

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CD10 Driving Offence: Penalty Codes Explained

CD10 Driving Offence Explained We can help. We are only a phone call away. We represent drivers throughout Scotland. Click to call NOW  0800 612 9597 Driving Without Due Care and Attention Conviction for a CD10 Driving Offence could see your license endorsed with...

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Drink Driving Law In Scotland | A Lawyers View

Can you beat a drink drive charge? Yes you can and no one wants to face a drink driving charge alone. It is therefore all the more important to seek out professional help at the earliest opportunity. Mistakes do occur in Drink driving cases. Often these cases involve technical defences where evidence requires to be secured at the earliest opportunity. (Even before you appear in court on the drink drive charge) read more

Speed Cameras with a “Dirty Harry” attitude

It was reported in the Glasgow Herald recently that FEWER than one third of fixed speed cameras in Scotland are actually switched on and catching offenders which means that of the 173 devices monitoring drivers on the country’s roads only 50 (29 per cent) are active. Dirty Harry might have put that another way:- read more

Speed Camera Traffic Lights | Springholm

Speed Camera Traffic Lights | Springholm Speed camera traffic lights are due to be installed at Springholm in the south of Scotland. The police and Road Safety Camera Partnership will be monitoring the use of the system with a view to installing more throughout...

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Drug Driving | Scotland

Sure, you may have a ‘Medical Defence’ that applies under any new law, (Expected in Scotland by 2019) but it certainly doesn’t apply to this existing legislation. If the police can prove your driving is impaired by drugs, then you can be prosecuted. Read the leaflet you received with the medication, if it says do not drive then be aware that if you are foiund to be driving whilst under the inluence of that drug you may well face a criminal charge. If uncertain, don't just go online and do some research get written advice from your GP or Pharmacist e.g. an email that might later be referred to in a court of law. read more

Speeding Cases in Dundee|Calls for “Crackdown”

Speeding cases in Dundee An increase in Speeding cases in Dundee has resulted in a call for action to increase police presence and prosecute more drivers. It comes after new Police Scotland figures revealed that at least 14 drivers were caught breaking the speed limit...

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Using A Mobile Phone When Driving, The Law In Scotland

If using a mobile phone when driving then expect 6pp and a hefty fine or worse.The Prime Minister was quick to respond to the public outcry over the case of lorry driver Tomasz Kroker, who was scrolling through music on his phone just before he ploughed into stationary traffic on the A34 in Berkshire, killing Tracy Houghton, 45, her sons Ethan, 13, and 11-year-old Josh, and step-daughter Aimee Goldsmith, 11. These cases should not be mixed up in the mind of the public with the offence of "using a mobile phone while driving" read more

Caught For A CU80 The Law in Scotland

Drivers in Scotland who are caught using a handheld mobile phone at the wheel will face Insurance hikes of approx £200 per annum as well as the increased penalty point endorsement (6pp instead of 3pp) As of March 1 motorists who are caught using their phone will be fined up to £200 - previously £100 - and receive six penalty points on their licence. read more

Drug-driving and roadside testing in Scotland | The law in Scotland

It is illegal to drive if impaired by drugs - whether they are prescription drugs or illegal substances like cannabis or cocaine. Prescription drugs are the ones that tend to trip people up as some folk take a chance and drive even when they know that the drugs have come with direct clear warnings regarding he use of mechanical equipment or driving! Those using prescription drugs within recommended amounts are not penalised one simply has to make sure that you have read and understood the instructions. read more

The Law and the New Driving Test

We all know that Smart Phones can be set up to provide GPS coordinates and indeed act as Sat Nav devices but what new drivers need to know is that they can have their nice new licences revoked if they use their use their phones as Sat Navs, They need to take care that the operation of the telephone as an interactive device such as a Sat Nav does not interfere with their ability to drive the car e.g. Don' use it from your lap or propped against the radio- get a special holder for it and DON'T go pressing buttons on it as you drive or even sit at traffic-this will be regarded as Mobile Phone Use and you will face 6pp a £200 fine and revocation of your licence. Back to the drawing board and back to paying for even more lessons! read more