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The Law| New Penalties for Mobile Phone Use In Scotland

The new penalties for using your mobile phone whilst driving means more and more drivers will face a ban under “totting up” provisions. If you get 12 or more points on your licence within any 3 year period you are facing a ban UNLESS you can demonstrate on the balance of probabilities that "Exceptional Hardship" would occur or that “Special Reasons” existed at the time of the offence. 6pp within 2 years of passing your test means a revocation of your hard earned driving licence and back to the drawing board for you with a res sit of your full driving test before you can take to the road again. Insurance companies also take the opportunity to up your alreaedy high premiums if you manage to return to the road. read more

How to Handle Being Stopped By Traffic Police In Scotland

A broken brake light, suspected mobile phone use, speeding or even simply random questioning, the police can pull you and your car over for any number for reasons, but what do you do if you find yourself being stopped by traffic police in Scotland? Here is a short description and video on How to handle being stopped by traffic police in Scotland. read more

Seminar-Special Reasons and Exceptional Hardship Proofs


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Sentence for Mobile Phone Driving Doubled

Sentence for Mobile Phone Driving Doubled Well, it's been a long time coming but this change was sure to come. 6 penalty points and a £200 fine applicable from today for anyone caught using their mobile phone whilst driving. As I reported back in Jan:- Officers handed...

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Tougher Sentences For Mobile Phone Use When Driving

Tougher Sentences For Mobile Phone Use When Driving Officers handed out 7,966 fixed penalty notices for the offence in a week-long campaign in November. The tally – equivalent to a rate of 47 an hour – is the highest yet for a week of enforcement on “distraction...

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Average Speed Cameras In Scotland

Average Speed Cameras In Scotland. Jeremy Clarkson recently spoke out about Average Speed Cameras in Scotland, on his flashy and very lovely new website stating "We are told that since average speed cameras were installed on a 99 mile section of the A9 in Scotland,...

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Drink driving cases in Scotland

Drink Driving Cases In Scotland It was reported today that there has been a rise in the number of drink driving cases in Scotland and those caught by police over Christmas and new year, the Scottish government has said. Drink driving cases in Scotland have been in...

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Drink Driving-The Law In Scotland

Drink Driving-The Law In Scotland It’s estimated that Police Scotland stop over 80,000 vehicles each month, with around 20,000 offences detected every month. We outline some of the key facts in this short blog post The law You may be stopped by the police for many...

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Special Reasons Proof

Special Reasons Proof may be the way to avoid a ban or penalty points but those "Special Reasons" need to relate to the offence not the accused. For more information see blog post from "Scotland's loophole lawyer "Graham Walker read more

Morning After Drink Driving

Morning after drink driving in Scotland. Read what Scotland's leading road traffic lawyer has to say on the subject. free infographic and video information about drink drivie limits in Scotland. read more

Latest Death By Dangerous Driving Case Law in Scotland

Today at the High Court in Glasgow Lord Brodie sentenced Paul Munro to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment for causing death by dangerous driving and disqualified him from driving or applying for a driving licence for 7 years. Danny McBean died on 18 September 2009 on the A862 Inverness to Beauly road near Lentran read more

Speeding Cases Near Schools

Common sense tells us that low level speed areas like outside schools need to be defended. If the local Government are not going to build speed bumps and the like then let's the police out there protecting our school children from selfish drivers who reckon their time is more important than the safety of our children. read more