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Special Reasons Proof

Special Reasons Proof may be the way to avoid a ban or penalty points but those "Special Reasons" need to relate to the offence not the accused. For more information see blog post from "Scotland's loophole lawyer "Graham Walker read more

Morning After Drink Driving

Morning after drink driving in Scotland. Read what Scotland's leading road traffic lawyer has to say on the subject. free infographic and video information about drink drivie limits in Scotland. read more

Latest Death By Dangerous Driving Case Law in Scotland

Today at the High Court in Glasgow Lord Brodie sentenced Paul Munro to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment for causing death by dangerous driving and disqualified him from driving or applying for a driving licence for 7 years. Danny McBean died on 18 September 2009 on the A862 Inverness to Beauly road near Lentran read more

Speeding Cases Near Schools

Common sense tells us that low level speed areas like outside schools need to be defended. If the local Government are not going to build speed bumps and the like then let's the police out there protecting our school children from selfish drivers who reckon their time is more important than the safety of our children. read more

Guidelines For Sentencing In Road Traffic Cases In Scotland

Guidelines For Sentencing In Road Traffic Cases In Scotland Death by driving, and environment and wildlife offences will be the subjects of the first guidelines to be produced by the Scottish Sentencing Council, under its new Business Plan but hopefully in the not too...

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Latest Speed Detection Devices In Scotland

Latest Speed Detection Devices In Scotland No it is not a joke. Speed detection devices in Scotland have undergone a major overhaul and the result is that we now have cardboard coppers deployed on our roads, shops and even train stations. Police resources are so...

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Dangerous Driving In Scotland-eBook Offer

Dangerous Driving In Scotland-eBook Offer According to recent government statistics, over 10,000 people were stopped by police for dangerous or careless driving last year in Scotland, with that figure expected to rise in 2016. But what exactly is ‘’dangerous driving...

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Speed Awareness Courses In Scotland

Speed Awareness Courses In Scotland I seem to have been banging on about Speed Awareness Courses In Scotland for long enough, and now the powers that be, have chosen to listen to the public who signed our petition and to the Chief Police Constable Phil Gormely who is...

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Speed Awareness Courses Are Coming To Scotland….At Last

Speed Awareness Courses are coming to Scotland.... at last   In the past, a going a few miles over the speed limit usually meant a fixed penalty fine of £100 and three penalty points slapped on your driving licence, but in England, Wales and Northern Ireland,...

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Dangerous Driving Sentencing In Scotland?

Dangerous Driving Sentencing In Scotland If you have been charged with dangerous driving in Scotland what sentence can you expect? You need to seek immediate legal advice and I would suggest that you get in touch with us immediately. We specialise in road traffic law...

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Speeding, Dangerous Driving-Kinross-shire

Speeding, Dangerous Driving-Kinross-shire "Speedwatch" initiatives could soon be rolled out across the country.  Residents in Kinross shire are said to have called out for help to stop the speeding and dangerous driving that has increased in their areas in recent...

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