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A9 Speed Camera Locations This Week

A9 Speed Camera Locations This Week

Expect the Northern Safety Camera Partnership Mobile Camera Unit will be operating at the following locations during week commencing 9 June 2014:

A9 –  Read More

Road Signs and Speeding

Road Signs And Speeding

Road Signage Issue

When it comes to staying safe on the road and driving responsibly, there is clearly a need for drivers to understand the Highway Code and the laws of  Read More

DIY Speed Cops-Good or Bad?

DIY Speed Cops- Good Or Bad

Although the idea of taking the law into your own hands is something that many people think is a good idea when emotions run high, it is not very common that people decide to do such a thing. There are a lot of risks involved with acting like a police officer or an officer of the law, and often there is no real reward. Many people acting in this manner have found themselves actually breaking the law or being at risk themselves so it is not too common an occurrence. However, it seems that there is a growing number of people around the UK who are taking the role of vigilante speed cops very seriously and in some areas they are being actively encouraged by under resourced police departments.

Speeding is an offence that can be very emotive and many people take this very seriously. This is why people in a number of communities have decided that enough is enough.  Read More

Mobiles and Driving | Within Past 12 months Have you driven while sending or reading a text?

Mobiles and Driving | Within the past 12 months, have you driven while

sending or reading a text message?

The results of a survey on Use of a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving showed that:-

A shocking three in 10 (30%) have driven while using their mobile phones either sending or reading
a message on their phone, despite the huge danger this  Read More

Speed Cameras In Scotland-more or less?

speed cameras in ScotlandMore or less speed cameras in Scotland?

Until 19th May 2014 Transport Scotland will be consulting on whether to relax the criteria for where speed cameras are installed throughout  Read More