I attended Edinburgh Justice of the Peace court for trial and was met by Mr Walker at the doors of court. He had just finished speaking with the Procurator Fiscal and had pointed out the Crown's evidential difficulties. Fortunately the Procurator Fiscal was able to take a pragmatic view and he decided not to call the case in light of the evidential issues.
, Edinburgh
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More or Less Speed Cameras In Scotland?

Fight that BanMore or less speed cameras in Scotland?

Until 19th May 2014 Transport Scotland will be consulting on whether to relax the criteria for where speed cameras  Read More

Police Admit to “Greed Cameras”

Police Admit to “Greed Cameras”

It’s official, Speed cameras are often used as “Greed Cameras”. The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents have called for a  Read More

A9 Speed Camera Protest from Lorry Drivers

A9 Speed Camera Protest from Lorry Drivers

The A9 may soon become an even bigger nightmare to travel on when HGV drivers implement the planned protest to drive “Within the speed limit”. It  Read More

Graham Walker Road Traffic Law | Road Traffic Law Solicitors Just for the Rich and Famous?

Specialist Road Traffic Law Solicitors are definitely not just for the rich and famous. Those are just the cases you get to hear about.
Very often the general public are under the misapprehension that only celebrities and footballers, get the services of, or are able to afford a specialist road traffic lawyer.
If you already have points on our licence or if you depend upon your driving licence then you really should ask your Home Insurance provider to add this to your policy or give you a quote for doing so. I am told that for as little as £35 per year you can receive several thousand pounds worth of legal expenses cover. The average case costs in he region of £2000+VAT to defend. That is a horrific amount of money for people to find for a crisis purchase.Many of us presently pay more than this per year to make sure we can afford to have someone fix a central heating boiler if that goes on the blink. If your driving licence is as important as your central heating you might want to add legal expenses cover to that list of monthly direct debits!  Read More

More Speed Cameras for the A9

To make political capital out of an announcement that they would be at the forefront of dualing the A9 yet to then turn round and invest millions in Speed Cameras is an affront to the intelligence of Scotland’s voters.  Read More