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When i was charged with ‘Drunk in charge of a vehicle’ I didn’t know what to do or who to contact. Fortunately I’ve known one lawyer for a number of years so contacted him immediately. I explained my situation to which he replied immediately ‘ If there’s anyone that can help you its a personal friend Graham Walker’. Obviously at first i was dubious of such a high recommendation so quickly but it soon became apparent it was the right choice. Living on a small island on the west coast of Scotland isn’t practical at the best of times never mind trying to win a court case with your lawyer, the court and residence all in different places. Having said this Graham and his team weren’t phased by the logistics in the slightest and pressed on with the case straight away to a fantastic standard. One of Grahams juniors Simone travelled to the scene of the incident to photograph the scene,interview witnesses and appreciate the logistics of the offence. Simone couldn’t be faulted in any aspect of the investigation. She went through everything with a fine toothed comb and came across genuinely on my side of the argument and determined to get the best outcome possible.Knowledgeable and professional throughout, Simone is a real credit to Graham and Road traffic law as a company. Graham Walker drove 3 hours to get to court for the case not to go on trial and he didn’t bother in the slightest. Again, the main concern was my case and getting the best possible outcome. The second time he made the 3 hour drive the trial went ahead. It was at this time i witnessed him stand in front of the court room and ‘grab the bull by the horns’ so to speak. With his eloquent manner and calm demeanour it wasn’t long before the fiscal and witnesses were on there back feet wondering what to ask next. This was the theme from the outset and subsequently he won the trial with an impressive portfolio of questions and techniques. Graham,Simone and I’m sure the rest of there colleagues at Road Traffic Law are exceptionally well educated in the given department and couldn’t provide a better service. If anyone has been charged with a road traffic offence theres only one company that will give you the service and confidence to win your case and thats road traffic law. Impeccable service form start to finish.
, West Coast Of Scotland

I was on 9 points and facing a ban which could have had serious implications at my work never mind my family - having 2 young children needing nurseries etc. When charged I was unsure what to do but arranged a meeting to discuss and from that point on Graham and his team put me at ease and gave me confidence all the way through the long drawn out process that i had a case and that i could win it. This is a specialist area and their knowledge and experience means they are in a strong position before you start. A year down the line they managed to get my case thrown out in court so it has worked out the best investment i have made. I would suggest anyone who is charged in a road incident gives them a call - you have nothing to lose and Graham is fantastic.Thank you so much
, Paisley District Court
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Guide To Fines and Financial Penalties


In Tayside, Central and Fife, the Scottish Courts Service or SCS will be responsible for the collection of a range of Fines & Financial penalties.

These are listed below:

  • PF Conditional Offers of Fixed Penalty
  • Fiscal Fines
  • Fiscal Compensation
  • Fiscal Fines and Compensation
  • Police Conditional Offers of Fixed Penalty (Traffic)
  • Police Conditional Offers of Fixed Penalty (Camera)
  • Police Conditional Offers of Fixed Penalty (Anti Social Behaviour)
  • Police Registered Fines originating from Police Conditional Offers of Fixed Penalty (Anti Social Behaviour)
  • Police Criminalised Parking Fines
  • Police Registered Fines originating from Police Criminalised Parking Fine
  • Court imposed financial penalties


  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque*
  • Postal Order*

*Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to “Scottish Court Service”

Please Note:

  • From 9 February 2009 payment of the above fines and financial penalties will no longer be accepted in Local Authority Offices in Perth and Angus.
  • From 16 February 2009 payment of the above fines and financial penalties will no longer be accepted in Local Authority Offices in Central.
  • From 23 February 2009 payment of the above fines and financial penalties will no longer be accepted at Local Authority Offices in Fife.


From 10 March 2008 there were changes to the fines enforcement process throughout Scotland. From 23 February 2009 these will apply to the Justice of the Peace Courts in Tayside, Central and Fife.

A major change was the introduction of Fines Enforcement Officers. The main role of a Fines Enforcement Officer is to:

  • Make the enforcement of fines and financial penalties more effective and efficient;
  • Give information and advice to offenders about how to make payments;
  • Give advice and assistance to those that want to pay but have a genuine difficulty in paying; and
  • Use a range of sanctions against those who can pay but choose not to pay.

To assist the Fines Enforcement Officer, when a court imposes a financial penalty, it can also make an Enforcement Order.

If an offender defaults in payment of their fine or financial penalty, the Enforcement Order allows the Fines Enforcement Officer to:

  • Take money directly from the offender’s benefits
  • Take money from the offender’s earnings
  • Arrest funds in the offender’s bank or building society account
  • Seize a vehicle belonging to the offender. The vehicle can be sold to clear the unpaid fine or financial penalty.

A Fines Enforcement Officer can also refer an offender back to the court where the ultimate sanction might be imprisonment or a Supervised Attendance Order.

For more information, visit the Scottish Court Service website:

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