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Where do I start? Over the 15 months and 7 adjournments of my case I have had nothing but the best of advice and attention from Mr Graham Walker and and his staff. On the day of my trial (24/06/2010 ) I was represented by Miss Ferguson of and she was quite simply superb in her handling of the not guilty plea and the two police officers who originally charged me with the offence, in fact to the point I actually nearly began to feel sorry for them as she pointed out their mistakes and totally different stories. As for the firm itself, well you just will not get a better company to deal with, great personal service from all levels of staff employed there, professional to the end. Mr Walker I can well see why you were shortlisted for an award and as for Miss Ferguson she is an absolute star. At the end of the proceedings I was as you might have guessed by now found not guilty. Thanks again to all involved.
, Greenock Sheriff Court

Mr Walker did what two other legal adviser's failed to do! After lengthy consultation and advice with two other solicitors they failed to sort this case for me. Mr Walker took a "Late plea to the competency of the charge" *(Late because other advisers failed to take the point) He successfully argued that the point should be debated although this was opposed by the PF but allowed by the court after representations made by Mr Walker. He later attended court and argued that the case should be thrown out....which it was. Delighted with result and happy to recommend Mr Walker's firm to anyone who needs a good road traffic lawyer.
, Coatbridge Justice of the Peace
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Ran A Red Traffic Light

Ran a red light

If you ran a red light then you may be facing 3 pp and £100 fine and that may mean a “Totting Up” ban if you are already on 9pp.

The answer is not to “Get someone else to take the points” Thisopens you and perhaps others to a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice and can end up with first offenders receiving a jail sentence.


We can and do win these cases often, as there is a little known defence that may be available to you. We do not intend providing it to our competitors on our website but if you contact us for a free factsheet we will email the details to you. It may well be that we can win your case by going to trial so if you are facing a Totting Up or you don’t like the idea of sevcerl penalty points on your licence then get in touch today for a free quote and detaiuls on how we can help you

Traffic light cameras are positioned on or near to a set of traffic lights with the purpose of photographing vehicles that stray through on red. If you have e-received a fixed penalty notice just give us a call for a FREE case consultation. We can and do win this type of case. Just provide us with some details and we can tell if we reckon we can win and how much it would cost to instruct us to deal with your case.

The cameras used nowadays often also have the capability of measuring speed. This is not a commonly used camera in Scotland but we have heard of several instances of use in England and in Europe.

Similar to the GATSO or the TRUVELO type of camera in looks. Just a bit narrower and a little less noticeable than the standard GATSO. It takes a photograph of the vehicle from behind therefore the driver cannot be identified. If uncertain who was driving at the time of the offence it is therefore not going to help to ask for the photographs from when the person ran the red light.

They are activated either by using ground loops that are cut into road surface or radar technology. The theory is that they should not go off if the vehicle breaks the beam or crosses the loop while the lights are at amber.When using loops, as the traffic lights turn red the system becomes active, any vehicle passing over the sensor in the road after this time is then photographed. Radar based cameras work in the same manner as the Gatso speed cameras.

What can I expect on my licence?

Being prosecuted in the UK by a traffic light camera can result in a minimum of 3 penalty points and a £100 fine. Normally you will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution asking you tio identify the driver. The temptation is to “name the wife or work colleague” or some other complicit party where you already have points on your licence. We strongly advise you against doing so as it can open you to much more serious charges and the consequences of which can be a jail sentence. We have even seen the police follow up with enquiries to named relatives in  India when foillowing up on these cases!

After the NIP or Notice of Intended Prosecution you may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice through the post. Do not ignore this in the mistaken belief that service cannot be proved therefore “They will never the prove the case” This is a poor piece of internet legal advice, promulgated by people in other jurisdictions who know nothing about the law in Scotland. In Scotland the authorities will simply need to prove they sent the notice NOT that you received it.

Like much of our road traffic law and the penalties that related the fine amount and points are currently under review by the government and may increase.

Remember that you must receive the notice of prosecution within 14 days of the alleged offence and if the matter is to proceed to trial you must receive the copy complaint within 6 months of the alleged offence. If not then contact us and we should be able to win your case for you.

Ran a red light

Ran A Red Light



Get in touch today for a FREE “Ran A Red Light Factsheet” or just call 0800 612 9597 to discuss your case with one of our legal team.


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