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Careless driving, Stranraer, 5 October 2017, Case Not Called

Our client in this case was a haulier. The basis of the careless driving charge was that he was straddling the carriageway. He then forced an oncoming vehicle off the carriageway. Our client’s position was that the other driver negotiated a corner far too fast and panicked when he saw an articulated lorry coming in the other direction, over-corrected and drove off the carriageway.

The first thing that we did in this case was carry out a locus inspection. This is by no means necessary in every case but, in some, it helps immensely. The cost of same will always be covered under our fixed fee arrangements. The locus attendance convinced us that our client was telling the truth and the complainer was either lying or mistaken. Our client then commissioned an expert report by a collision investigator.

We presented all of our evidence to the Crown. On the day of the trial the Procurator Fiscal confirmed that the Crown was not proceeding with the prosecution.

This case was defended by Steven Farmer 5 October 2017 .