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Dangerous Driving, Ayr, 18 June 2018, Not Guilty

This was an extremely difficult dangerous driving case. The allegation was, amongst other things, that our client deliberately evaded capture by the police. It was alleged that the police van had positioned itself on the road to block our client’s path. Our client was then alleged to have swerved round the police vehicle at speed. To do so it was alleged he drove on the pavement! He then supposedly evaded capture.

The police were later able to identify our client as the driver of the vehicle and charged him with dangerous driving.

If proved this would have been an extremely serious case of dangerous driving and the facts appeared to be irrefutable. Fortunately our Mr Walker reviewed the case papers and saw one possible technicality. Having done so, we brought the matter to the Crown’s attention and tried to negotiate a reduced charge. The Crown was not interested in this so the matter proceeded to trial.

At trial, the police officers were cross-examined by Mr Walker on the technical issue and the sheriff was persuaded that he could not convict our client. Our client was thereafter found Not Guilty.

Graham Walker Lawyer for death by careless drivingThis case was  successfully defended by Graham Walker on 18 June 2018 at Ayr Sheriff Court.