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Dangerous Driving – Dunoon Sheriff Court – Trial Diet 21 August 2014 – client originally charged with driving a mechanically propelled vehicle dangerously and:

a) Did drive vehicle at excessive speed, execute an overtaking manoeuvre and lose control of said vehicle whereby the rear tyres of said vehicle swung back and forth on the carriageway as a result of a loss of traction

b) Did drive vehicle at excessive speed, lose control of said vehicle, cross onto the opposing carriageway into the path of and collide successively with oncoming motor vehicles whereby all said vehicles were extensively damaged and in particular were one said vehicle was forced  from the carriageway, down an embankment onto the shore, the engine of the vehicle driven by said accused was detached therefrom and said vehicle left the carriageway and was lodged in foliage on said embankment and one person being injured; Contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 2 – Outcome after negotiations with the Crown our client tendered a guilty plea to a substantially reduced charge of Careless driving Section 3 under deletion of the words did drive at “excessive speed” on the complaint , 8 penalty points endorsed and £325 fine.