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Dangerous Driving, Glasgow, 9 February 2017, licence saved

This was a particularly serious case for a number of reasons. The dangerous driving element of the charge arose from an allegation that our client tried to take a corner at high speed, lost control, rolled her car onto its roof and damaged other vehicles. There was also an additional charge of failing to report an accident as our client panicked and fled the scene. To make matters worse, the investigating police officers found an empty bottle of vodka in the vicinity of her vehicle which they concluded had been flung from the vehicle. The final problem was our client had six points on her driving licence and desperately needed her driving licence for her work. Not only does dangerous driving carry a mandatory ban but the offence of leaving the scene of an accident (Road Traffic Act 1988, section 170) carries 5-10 points on its own.

As with any case, we analysed the Crown disclosure very carefully and it became clear there were some issues with the reliability of the witness evidence relating to the dangerous driving charge. The upshot was that the Crown agreed to accept a plea of Guilty to leaving the scene of the accident and our client received 5 points only, meaning her licence was saved.

The plea negotiations and court appearance in this case was handled by Steven Farmer on 9 February 2017