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Dangerous driving, Inverness, 14 March 2018, Not Guilty

Image result for not guilty signThis dangerous driving, Inverness, case was held over two days. The allegation against out client was based mainly on high speeds on a stretch of single carriageway road subject to the national speed limit. Our client’s speed was first clocked using a Prolaser 3 gun. The police then followed him and recorded a second, significantly higher speed using the VASCAR system.

As we have stated in the past, speed alone is usually not enough to constitute dangerous driving. However, in cases involving very high speeds, not a lot else is required. As a general rule, the higher the speed, the less significant the potential danger requires to be. In this dangerous driving case, the police witnesses spoke to potential dangers such as junctions, other vehicles and signs warning of wild animals running onto the carriageway.

The police should never simply be taken at their word. Experience has taught us otherwise so when our client tells us that something is inaccurate, we will check it out. So we had the locus checked by an independent expert. He confirmed that there were no such signs for wild animals. During cross-examination we were also able to establish that the speed that could be constituted as dangerous occurred on a straight stretch of road with no junctions and no other traffic.

Our client was thereafter found Not Guilty of dangerous driving and convicted of the less serious charge of careless driving.

This case was defended by Steven Farmer on 20 February and 14 March 2018