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Dangerous Driving, Perth, 25 September 2017, Not Guilty

This dangerous driving case called for trial on 25 September 2017 at Perth Sheriff Court.

The allegation against our client was at the higher end of dangerous driving. Our client was alleged to have ridden his motorcycle at very high speeds, contravened solid white lines and negotiated a blind summit at grossly excessive speeds before crashing into a car attempting to cross the carriageway on the other side of the summit.

It became clear under cross-examination that much of the complaint against our client did not stand up to scrutiny and that a considerable amount of blame for the collision lay with the other party.

Our client was acquitted of dangerous driving and convicted of the less serious offence of careless driving. 8 points were placed on his licence which meant the offence was viewed at the higher end of carelessness.

This case was defended by Steven Farmer on 25 September 2017. It was a case of dangerous driving which looked hopeless on paper but closer scrutiny of the locus and circumstances meant an opportunity to avoid a dangerous driving conviction arose.