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Drink Driving, Alloa, 21 June 2018, low sentence

Not every case is a trial. There are times when – so long as the client does not dispute their guilt – when a well-judged and prepared Guilty plea is the appropriate way forward.

This was a serious case of drink-driving. Our client was almost 6 times the prescribed limit and had a passenger in the car with him. His driving was described as erratic by concerned members of the public who recorded it and contacted the policeThis level of alcohol constitutes a very serious drink-driving offence. A custodial sentence will almost always be a option that the court will consider, even in a person of otherwise good character. A lengthy disqualification is also all but inevitable.  In this case, however, we were able to persuade the court to restrict the period of disqualification to a modest 16 months (only 4 months over the minimum) and a fine. It has to be said that our client had significant mitigation which was brought to the attention of the court and which the sheriff very properly took into account.

Drink DrivingThis case was dealt with by Steven Farmer at Alloa Sheriff Court on 21 June 2018.