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Driving Without Insurance, Dunoon, 24 May 2017, case dropped by prosecutor

This case of driving without insurance called at Dunoon Justice of the Peace court on 24 May 2017.

Driving without insurance, contrary to section 143 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, carries 6-8 penalty points and long-lasting consequences in terms of vastly inflated insurance premiums in the future.

This case was a common case of a misunderstanding. Our client genuinely believed he was insured. He had documentation showing a long history of insurance and had insurance for the motorcycle in question until a month before. At the same time he had sold another bike and had meant to cancel the insurance for that bike. He mistakenly kept the insurance for that bike and mistakenly cancelled the insurance for the bike that he kept!

Our client had an impeccable service record with the armed forces and now worked in security for the US and UK Governments. We made representations to the Procurator Fiscal on the day of the trial and the case was dropped.

This case was prepared and defended by Graham Walker on 24 May 2017