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Driving without insurance Scotland, 17 May 2018, Edinburgh Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court, Not Guilty

Our client was charged with driving without insurance. The basis of the charge was that, although he had insurance, he did not have business insurance. The police, as a result of questioning him, mistakenly believed he was working. In fact, he was not working but helping out a family member who also happened to be a family member. Through careful cross-examination we were able to establish that one of the police officers had not heard the conversation properly and the other conceded that he could have got the wrong end of the stick. Our client also gave evidence that he was not driving without insurance. After considering all the evidence, the court found our client Not Guilty.

Driving without insurance is a serious offence with consequences more long-lasting than the 6-8 penalty points a driver can receive. Drivers, especially younger drivers, can face grossly-inflated insurance premiums for years to come. Our research indicates that insurance companies treat this offence as seriously as “high end” road traffic offences such as drink driving or dangerous driving.  So if you are charged with driving without insurance, contact the UK’s no.1 rated road traffic specialist. We won this case and we can win yours.

This case was worked on by all our team and the trial was conducted by Steven Farmer on 17 May 2018