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LTI 20 20 Speeding – Dunfermline JP – June 2016

This was an LTI 20 20 speeding case. The LTI 20 20 is a laser gun often used in conjunction with an attached camera. It is the tool of choice for the Safety Camera Partnership (those vans that you may often see in laybys or motorway overbridges).

In this case our client was not exceeding the national speed limit.However, in a familiar tale, he was driving a transit van which has a lower speed limit. The reasons for this are historical. These days, the vans are every bit as safe – if not safer – than cars. Nevertheless the law is the law.

Our client was a self-employed businessman, wholly reliant on his driving licence. As he had 9 points, he was understandably anxious about the outcome of his case.

The case proceeded to trial. During the course of the trial we took a legal objection to certain key evidence. After hearing submissions from the defence and the Crown, the court agreed with our submission. The evidence was ruled inadmissible and the Crown could not prove the case against our client.

The weight of evidence in an LTI 20 20 speeding case can seem overwhelming. Not only does the Crown have the evidence from the gun, there is also photographic and video evidence. It is crucial never to accept such evidence at face value. The LTI 20 20 is not unbeatable as we have demonstrated time and again.