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Red light, Paisley JP Court, May 2016.

Our client was charged with driving through a red light. The evidence against him came from two police officers who witnessed the alleged offence. Driving through a red light carries 3 penalty points. As our client had 9 live points on his licence, he therefore faced a 6-month ban from driving if convicted. As part of our case investigations, we studied the police statements and then visited the location of the incident. The police statements were contradictory about their exact location and the location of the alleged offence but we obtained video evidence to cover all eventualities. It was clear from the video that the police could not actually see the supposed red light contravened by our client and had simply assumed that it must have been red. In the eyes of the law, this is not good enough. Our client was acquitted. To our knowledge we are the only road traffic firm in Scotland to use video evidence on a regular basis. As was the case here, it has paid dividends time and time again. We usually operate on a ‘fixed fee’ basis so any such work carried out by us on your behalf is covered by the fixed fee.