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Running red light, Paisley JP Court, 11 August 2015

Our client was charged with running a red light. Two police officers gave evidence that their light had turned green. They were about to move off when our client crossed the front of them. They surmised that this meant his light must have been red. They thereafter reattended the locus to check the light sequence and concluded that when their light was green, then our client’s light was red. What they failed to acknowledge was the timings of the light sequence. Our own investigations showed that the time difference between the light changes were very small – the police officers’ light went green only 1.5 seconds after our client’s light changed to red. On average it took cars 3-4 seconds to pass from the stopline past the police location. This meant that it was entirely possible that our client’s light was amber (or even green) when he went through. Although the police officers were sceptical, we had video evidence of the light sequence which proved this point to the satisfaction of the court and our client was accordingly found Not Guilty. This case is a further example of how our firm will utilise video evidence when we feel it will assist our client. In this case the evidence was crucial in securing an acquittal for running a red light.