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Speeding, Aberdeen, 26 June 2018, case dropped

This speeding case involved the use of the Unipar SL700 laser device. Our client was alleged to have driven at 45mph in a 30mph speed limit.

On review of the case papers, we quickly identified a technical defence to the charge and proceeded on that basis. The case called for a procedural hearing on 22 June during which representations were made. The case was subsequently dropped by the prosecution on 26 June.

Speeding cases have become increasingly challenging over the years as the Crown has become more adept at prosecuting them. The situation has not been helped by “bandwagon” jumpers who have watched how we win these cases and then try – ineptly- to adopt our tactics (we hasten to add that not every law firm defending cases of this nature are inept bandwagon jumpers but many are). As a result, we have had to adapt our own case strategies to deal with this new situation. This case was one such example of finding new ways to win these difficult and challenging cases.

As our case results show, we continue to enjoy a huge amount of success in successfully defending apparently “impossible” cases. In this particular case, the bulk of our legal costs were met by our client’s insurance company but that in itself was a significant battle. The insurer claimed that their own “legal advisors” had looked at the case and concluded that it did not enjoy reasonable prospects of success. We respectfully disagreed with this “expert” opinion and made further representations to the insurer on our client’s behalf, reiterating why we were right and they were wrong! Thankfully for our client the insurance company gave in (followed, of course, by the Crown at a later date).

Speeding cases

This case was handled by Steven Farmer at Aberdeen Justice of the Peace Court on 22 June 2018 and was subsequently dropped by the Crown on 26 June 2018.