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Speeding, Aberdeen, 9 August 2017, Not Guilty

A quite extraordinary case of speeding in Aberdeen.

Our client was being prosecuted for an alleged speed of 42mph in a 20 mph zone. The reason for the 20mph limit was that there were local schools in the vicinity and therefor a 20mph limit quite properly applies at certain times. This is indicated to motorists by flashing light on the 20mph signs.

Our client was pulled over by police and advised of the alleged speed – which surprised him – and of the 20mph limit  -which astonished him. The reason for his surprise was that the lights on the 20mph sign were not flashing. Fortunately for our client, he had a dashcam which captured the entire incident and made absolutely clear that the lights were not flashing.

The evidence of the police officers was that they checked the lights when they arrived. They also checked them 25 minutes later when they left. On both occasions, according to the police, the lights were flashing and there was no reason why they should not have been when out client drove past. Except they were not. Our investigation led us to establish that one of the two schools on this stretch was closed for half-term. The other had just started back that day. It seemed very likely that the lights for the 20mph signs had not been reactivated and that the police, unfortunately, simply had not checked them and were lying under oath.

In the end our client was acquitted of speeding in a 20mph zone. The Procurator Fiscal tried to amend the charge to 42 in a 30 but we were able to resist that for legal reasons and our client was found Not Guilty.

This case was defended by Steven Farmer on 9 August 2017. Our client may well have been convicted without his dashcam footage but many firms would have used the footage to negotiate a plea to 42 in a 30 (a much less serious offence than 42 in a 20). In all the circumstances, however, we felt we could win the case. We did win and it is perhaps a reason why we are consistently the UKs highest rated road traffic defence firm on TrustPilot.