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Speeding, Aberdeen, May 31 2018, Not Guilty

Image result for not guilty signThis speeding case involved average speed cameras. This is an elegant and simple way to record speed using modern technology. It involves using two cameras a set distance apart. A car passes the first camera and a photograph is taken. The car then passes a second camera further up or down the road. The system, using internal clocks, then works out the average speed of the car between the two cameras. There can be “loophole” defences to the use of these cameras. However in this case, the loopholes appeared to be closed.

All except one. On a closer look at the case papers we identified a fundamental error in the Crown case.

The case proceeded to trial. The Crown and indeed the court appeared increasingly puzzled as they led the evidence of their witnesses, none of whom were asked questions by us. At the end of the Crown case, we made a submission of no case to answer on the basis of the fundamental error we had spotted right at the outset of the case. The court agreed with our submission and our client was found Not Guilty.

This case was defended by Steven Farmer at Aberdeen Justice of the Peace Court on 31 May 2018.