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Speeding (GATSO), Glasgow JP Court, May 2016.

Our client was charged with speeding. The case involved a GATSO camera. As the case progressed, it was clear that there were several technical difficulties facing the Crown. At trial, it was clear that certain key evidence was going to prove inadmissible. The Crown therefore moved to adjourn the trial. We opposed the motion as being against the interests of justice. The court agreed with our submissions and the case was deserted. Many people seem to think that, if caught speeding by a GATSO camera, then the case is impossible to win. GATSO cameras are NOT unbeatable. In fact our success rate for GATSO speeding cases is at least as high as any other type of speeding case. The key issue is not to be intimidated by the apparent strength of the Crown case. The Crown will try to rely on two photographs taken a half second apart to prove that you are speeding. Do not simply accept this evidence at face value. It can be, and often is, flawed. Additionally the Crown requires to prove other essential elements of the charge, such as the speed limit. Often one avenue will be closed and another will open.In this case our client faced a potential disqualification based on the evidence of a machine. It is essential to challenge the reliability of machines. They, as this case demonstrated, are not fool-proof.