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Speeding, Glasgow, 30 June 2017, Not Guilty

This case called for trial at Glasgow Justice of the Peace Court on 30 June 2017.

The Crown, in the course of evidence, were able to establish that the Unipar SL700 used in the case was tested properly, was accurate, was calibrated and was used correctly. Our client was identified as the driver of the vehicle proved to be travelling at the alleged speed.

Case closed? No quite. Speeding in Scotland requires one further thing to be proved – the speed limit. In this particular case our client had commissioned an expert report and it illustrated that there were grounds to argue that the speed limit was illegal and therefore unenforceable. These arguments were accepted and our client was acquitted.

This case was defended by Graham Walker on 30 June 2017. It is an example of how even the most apparently clear-cut case on paper can fall to pieces under closer scrutiny. We believe that this attention to detail is one of the reasons we are the UKs top-rated road traffic law firm on TrustPilot.