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Speeding, Inverness Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court, Case Deserted, December 2016

This case was very difficult as it involved average speed cameras. Speeding cases can be raised in a number of different ways and cases involving average speed cameras are extremely difficult to defend. However our client had 9 live points on his driving licence and faced the possibility of a “totting-up” disqualification. In desperation he asked us if there was any possibility of defending the case.

We looked at the case papers and quickly identified a potential technical defence to the speeding charge. However it was one which required some careful planning and case strategy if we were to win the case and also avoid a totting-up disqualification. On this occasion the strategy worked. The Crown was unprepared for trial when the case called in December 2016 and tried to obtain an adjournment. We successfully opposed this motion and the case against our client was deserted.

This case is an example of there being “more than one way to skin a cat”. We are consistently ranked as the UK’s number one road traffic lawyers by TrustPilot because we know how to win cases that should not be winnable. The case was worked on by all members of our firm and defended in court by Steven Farmer on 6 December 2016