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Speeding, Kirkcaldy, 9 July 2018, Not Guilty

This speeding case called for trial on 9 July 2018.

The case involved a laser gun, three police witnesses and a plethora of documentary evidence. Our client was on 9 points and relied upon his licence for his job and also to take care of his disabled wife and father. In these circumstances, we believed our client had a strong chance of keeping his licence via an exceptional hardship proof but we also believed there was a chance of securing an acquittal at trial.

The case first called for trial several months ago but was adjourned due to lack of court time. As our client was having to travel from Nairn, this was obviously very frustrating. When the case called again for trial, however, we were able to exploit a legal argument which undermined the Crown case completely, notwithstanding the aforementioned plethora of evidence.

Our client was found Not Guilty at 1655 in the evening. He only just made the last train home but at least did so with his licence intact.

This speeding case was defended by Steven Farmer on 9 July 2018 at Kirkcaldy Justice of the Peace Court