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Speeding, Oban, 27 October 2017, Case Deserted

Our client was being prosecuted for 82 in a 50, a tricky speed because it is difficult to estimate how the court will deal with it. Our client could not get any more than 5 points and 82 in a 50  speeding case could easily attract 5-6 points.

We therefore offered a plea of 72mph to the Crown. This sensible plea offer was refused by a Fiscal depute who was not the usual Fiscal for Oban. A decision was therefore made to proceed to the trial. At the trial, the Crown realised there was an evidential problem and moved to adjourn the trial. We successfully opposed this motion and the case was deserted. No points, no fine.

This case was defended by Steven Farmer on 27 October 2017 at Oban Justice of the Peace Court