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Speeding, Paisley, 28 December 2017, licence saved

This speeding case involved an alleged speed of 108mph. The driving was also captured on video and, in our view, our client was fortunate to escape a more serious charge. However speeding in Scotland at a speed of 108mph almost inevitably results in a disqualification from driving.

This was a case involving a calibrated speedometer. We quickly identified a potential defence to the charge and we were confident of winning the case. On the day of the trial, however, the Crown had a witness problem that was not of its own making. It was a problem that fully justified an adjournment of the case. We spoke to our client and then approached the prosecutor with a plea of Guilty to a much-reduced speed. This plea was acceptable to the Crown and our client pleaded Guilty. She received penalty points on her licence and a modest fine.

This case was defended by Steven Farmer on 28 December 2017. Our client’s main priority in this case was saving her licence. This does not always require a trial. It is an example of managing risk.