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Speeding, Stirling, 23 January 2017, case not called

This was a very difficult and challenging case. Our client was on 9 points and faced a totting-up disqualification. He was caught allegedly speeding by two officers using a Unipar SL700 laser device. These types of cases have become increasingly harder to win over the years as the police get better at giving evidence and the Procurator Fiscal gets better at prosecuting them. After all, one case is much the same as another, right?

Actually, wrong! While many speeding cases appear extremely similar, there is sometimes something about the case which differentiates it from others and provides an angle. At literally the 11th hour we spotted something in this case that we – and the prosecution – had missed. We brought it to the attention of the Procurator Fiscal who agreed not to proceed with the case.

Verdict – case not called, licence saved.

This case was prepared and defended by Steven Farmer on 23 January 2017. It is an example of why no case is necessarily a “no hoper” and perhaps one of the reasons why we are consistently rated as TrustPilot’s number 1 road traffic defence firm.