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Speeding (x2), Aberdeen, 31 July 2018, Licence Saved

Our client had been caught speeding twice one month apart by average speed cameras near to Aberdeen. He already had 3 points on his licence and also had a pending fixed penalty offer for 3 more in another jurisdiction. He told us that he desperately needed his licence as he was juggling a number of priorities in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Gretna – so literally one end of the country to the other.

The difficulties our client faced were manifest. In theory, the two existing charges carried up to 6 points each so he faced the possibility of a totting-up ban for those alone. Throw in the pending fixed penalty and things became even worse. Worst of all, our client had been caught on average speed camera. These cases are difficult at the best of times and a very recent Appeal Court decision has just made them even harder. We would have proceeded to trial if necessary but – as we have said on other occasions – the end result is the most important thing and sometimes the right result can be achieved without a trial.

In this case we approached the Crown and were able to negotiate a plea whereby one of the charges against our client was dropped in return for a Guilty plea to the other charge. After a plea in mitigation, our client then received 4 penalty points. This left him on 7 points and in a position where he could accept the pending fixed penalty if need be. Licence saved!

The plea negotiations and court appearance in this case were handled by Steven Farmer at Aberdeen Justice of the Peace Court on 30 July 2018.