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Speeding (x2), Stirling, 8 June 2018, licence saved

Our client in these speeding cases was in a difficult position. For personal reasons he was deeply dependant upon his driving licence. Unfortunately he was already on 6 points when he incurred two speeding matters a few days apart. As any speeding case carries a minimum of 3 penalty points, our client faced a “totting-up” disqualification. His brief to us was to save his licence by whatever means we could.

We were advised by our client that he had received two Notices of Intended Prosecution, one for a speed of 52 in a 30 and one for a speed of 46 in a 30. Both cases eventually went to court. We immediately identified potential defences to both charges; however the aim here was preservation of the licence and therefore taking the matters to trial was a last resort.

We were thereafter able to negotiate a plea deal with the Crown whereby our client pled Guilty to the higher speed and the Crown agreed to discontinue matters for the lesser speed. Our client thereafter received 5 penalty points for the higher speed. This left him on 11 points and therefore his licence was saved without the need for a trial or even for him to attend court.

The plea negotiations and court appearance in this case were handled by Steven Farmer on 8 June 2018.