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Dangerous Driving In Scotland-eBook Offer

According to recent government statistics, over 10,000 people were stopped by police for dangerous or careless driving last year in Scotland, with that figure expected to rise in 2016. But what exactly is ‘’dangerous driving in Scotland” Encompassing a whole host of situations but , dangerous driving is considered to be :


  • Driving that falls far below the standard of a competent and careful driver; and
  • Driving that would be seen as obviously dangerous to a competent and careful driver.


This can be anything from high speed speeding, texting, lighting a cigarette or even looking at a map, there are hundreds of reasons that you can be stopped for dangerous driving in Scotland, but what do you do if you’ve been caught?


Carrying with it an extended driving test and mandatory minimum driving ban of 12 months, dangerous driving is a serious driving offence in Scotland and throughout the UK. If you have been stopped for careless driving, dangerous driving, or even high-end speeding, it is extremely important that you seek professional help and advice urgently from an experienced lawyer, especially if death or injury has occurred as a result of your actions.

At Road Traffic Law we offer a completely free initial consultation with a specialist for dangerous driving offences so you can discuss your own personal situation and receive case specific advice straight away. However, if you would just like to receive some more information about dangerous or careless driving, what exactly constitutes these offences and what the possible penalties and convictions are for these types of crimes, you can also download our Dangerous Driving E Book completely free. There’s no charge, no fee and no absolutely obligation.

If you’ve been charged with dangerous driving charge, contact one of our experienced team of trial lawyers today for a free case assessment and a free  ebook on Dangerous Driving.