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Drink DrivingDrink Driving-The Law In Scotland

It’s estimated that Police Scotland stop over 80,000 vehicles each month, with around 20,000 offences detected every month. We outline some of the key facts in this short blog post

The law

You may be stopped by the police for many different reasons, including the now annual Scottish police tradition of welcoming Christmas with “Stop and check” positions all over our major cities. Her eis when you can expect to be breathalysed:-

  • You have been stopped for any moving traffic offence (e.g. using a mobile phone, a faulty brake light, not wearing a seatbelt)
  • they suspect you have been drinking or taking drugs
  • You have been involved in an accident

Even if you’re under the limit, you can still be charged with impairment through drink or drugs (legal or illegal).

The vehicle forfeiture scheme targets repeat offenders, and also first-time offenders who are three times the limit or more or who refuse to provide a sample for analysis. 

This scheme means you could lose your car, for good.

The morning after

This one is a killer in Scotland because of our lower drink drive limit.You can easily still be over the limit the morning after an evening’s drinking:

  • It can take roughly 10 hours to be alcohol-free after drinking one bottle of wine.
  • It can take roughly 13 hours to be alcohol-free after drinking four pints of strong lager or ale.
Drug Driving

Drug driving can affect the way you drive in a similar way to drink driving. Drugs affect different people in different ways but, contrary to what many claim, they definitely do not have a positive effect on your driving ability. This applies to illegal drugs and many medicinal drugs.