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It’s that time of year again.

Spring is around the corner; meaning many people’s car insurance policies will shortly be up for renewal. Don’t settle with what you have; there are usually ways to keep more of your hard earned cash in your pocket and keep your car insurance premiums down!

Keep your car insurance premiums down

Keep your car insurance premiums down

I know it is time consuming; however companies are aware that we do not wish to spend our evenings in front of a computer researching where to get the best deals! Therefore your Insurance Renewal can often be laden with unnecessary costs and fees – Hastings Direct charge a 50 pound renewal fee: they are literally charging people extra money for staying loyal! The best way to keep your car insurance premiums down is to shop around:

Insurance companies know that many of us will just click the renewal button: Inertia stops many of us from changing bank accounts, or mobile phone contracts, and it is the same with insurance. Although it is the ‘easy thing to do’, it can cost you hundreds of pounds! Use comparison sites such as MoneySupermarket, and GoCompare. Aviva and Direct Line are two major players who you will not find on any price comparison sites so are worth a search. If you own more than one car, then a ‘multi-car discount’ can keep your car insurance premiums down and save you hundreds of pound’s.

As in all walks of life: the cheapest deal is seldom the best deal. Although you want to keep your car insurance premiums down you must think about the cover you actually need. We are repeatedly contacted by motorists facing a variety of Insurance related charges. Do you drive to work? Not all policies cover commuting and are only in place for ‘Social, Domestic and Pleasure’ use. If the use of your car is central to your employment then you will need a business insurance policy. It does not matter if you drive the length and breadth of the country, or are a part time delivery driver at the local takeaway: if you are using your car for business purposes and are stopped by the police without the correct insurance you will be facing a high end points endorsement.

Once you have found the correct insurance deal for your needs it is up to you to keep your car insurance premiums down! I wrote a blog yesterday on the True Cost of Speeding in Scotland: if convicted of a motoring offence, expect the cost of your car insurance premiums to soar. If you have been stopped by the police for driving without the correct insurance then ti is important you contact a lawyer as there could be a technical defense open to you. If you have been charged with any Road Traffic Law offence, contact Graham Walker at or call 0800 612 9597 for a FREE CASE CONSULTATION with a member of the Road Traffic Law team.

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