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Latest speed detection devices in Scotland

More effective than real policemen?

Latest Speed Detection Devices In Scotland

No it is not a joke. Speed detection devices in Scotland have undergone a major overhaul and the result is that we now have cardboard coppers deployed on our roads, shops and even train stations.

Police resources are so stretched nowadays that Police Scotland have taken to deploying cardboard policemen to slow down the traffic. I have noticed a few of these cardboard chappies around and even spotted one in the gantry of Central Station yesterday. Presumably that was part of a special anti terrorist squad! Who needs  a “Smeato” when we can send in an army of cardboard policemen.

Nice to know that we can expect our cardboard friends to be there for us in an emergency.

This speed reduction scheme is being tried out in Cowdenbeath and it involves a rather un realistic, but life-size cutouts of police officers being placed at the roadside to deter drivers from speeding. I dread to think what might be drawn onto these cardboard “Bobbies” should they ever reach the streets of Glasgow, but in the meantime you can all rest assured that I am working on a pretty good “loophole” should they ever try to prosecute any of my clients based on the testimony of one of these fellas.

Fortunately you won’t be faced with a Totting Up driving ban or penalty points on your driving licence just because you ignore these guys but if you jump on the brakes and cause an accident then you might end up in court for a much more serious matter so take care and do not assume that all speed detection devices in Scotland  are made out of cardboard


Thank fully Police Scotland issued a soothing statement for all officers when they stated that the life-size figures were not intended to replace “genuine resources” but simply to act as a visual reminder to those tempted to speed.

Apparently the models are almost as resilient as a Possilpark beat Bobby as they are constructed of glass-fibre.

On a serious note a similiar scheme was tried out in England a few years ago when a high quality fibre card road traffic vehicle was placed onto the overbridges in some counties.

They look at more realistic than these so called cardboard Bobbys but I guess a car is a wee bit more expensive than a photo of a jolly speed enforcement officer at the side of the road.

In my own view, for what that is worth, I reckon they will form a much stronger and safer deterrent than the recent announcement that some areas were to have local residents trained in the use of speed detection equipment in Scotland.