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Drink Driving Infographic

Morning After Drink Driving

Morning After Drink Driving

Morning after drink driving seems to be a bigger problem UK wide than ever thought before. Research recently published by the AA found that a fifth of young motorists are risking drink driving the morning after drinking particularly over the festive period.

This was a hefty piece of research from the AA, with about 20,000 drivers, questioned. The results are pretty concerning in that  29 per cent of 25 to 34 year olds have admitted to drinking and then driving the morning after.

We would suggest that if these statistics are representative of the whole of the UK then drivers in Scotland are at “High Risk” of facing a drink drive ban for morning after drink driving.

The drink drive limit in Scotland is 50mg per 100ml of blood therefore the risk that people arer over the limit ay be higher up here than south of the border.

It is really difficult to say when alcohol will be out of your system and below the drink drive limit as much depends upon speed of metabolism therefore it is just not worth the risk.The infographic above gives some guideance but it is not definitive and should not be relied upon.

One unit per hour should leave your system but most drivers don’t even know what a “Unit” is a many equate a unit with a drink. Most strong wines are serves in glassses that provide 2 or 3 units! Strong wines and strong “craft ales” might weasily push you over the limit so maybe it is time to try those non alcoholic beers out again. They have imporved markedly in taste and quality in recent years and they might just be the answer to you keeping pace with the other socuial drinkers after all it is pretty easy to get fed up with diet cokes and water!

Just remember that for  those of you who have had a lot to drink, the body will  be hard pressed to clear a lot of alcohol in the time frame between drinking and driving, given that only one unit of alcohol is lost per hour.

We can expect Scotland’s Police force to actively target morning after drink drivers so you can expect to be pulled over to the side of the road on your way to work in Scotland’s city centres for a chat with a “friendly officer” who may ask ou to provide a breath sample. Are you legally required to provide them with such a sample…you are if they have reasnoble grounds to suspect you may have been drinking and that may even be the erroneous belief on their part that they thought they could smell alcohol when they were chatting to you.

Drink driving is not the problem that it was when I was a youngster, when we would see about 1500 peorple killed each year due to drink drivers.

In 2014 that number had fallen to 240 in the UK. 240 is 240 too many and we still need to be vigilant about drink driving the morning after so get yourself an intoximeter device or simply nominate the driver for the evening and make sure he/she stays sober. I would strongly recomend the intoximeter device sold by Alcosense in the UK. It can accomodate the lower reading for Scotland so make sure you order the correct one.