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Are You Ready For The New MOT Test?

The big change is that you won’t be able to drive away from the garage if your vehicle is deemed “dangerous”. That has always been the theory but in day to day practise most MOT stations allowed you to drive away and get your vehicle fixed but now they will be opening themselves to litigation if something were to happen to you or other road users so expect them to be more strict.

  • Minor and Major Faults:-  at the moment you pass or fail. From Sunday you will get a pass with “Minor fails” or a fail with a “Major fault” If defined as a “Dangerous Fault” you will need a tow to a garage for repair!Check the Government website for definitions of the type of faults but look our for things like stricter emission standards for diesels with particulate filters. Check for things like  contaminated brake fluid or the bodywork or floor of the vehicle has rusted or deteriorated to such an extend that the body of the vehicle is insecure. (I remember in my student days, 30 odd years ago, buying a “Bargain Car” at a Glasgow car auction and discovering that the rear seat passengers had extra ventilation through the floor of the vehicle as holes had been neatly covered by a nice new, car auction car mat) When I took my wreck to the MOT station the guy immediately condemned the thing and said he shouldn’t let me drive it away but since I was a poor student he would let me do so as long as I went straight to the local scrapyard!

    If you have a “Smokey exhaust” expect a “Major Fail”

  • New, changed or removed failures, checks and information

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