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Death by Dangerous Driving

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Death By Dangerous Driving

“Dangerous driving” offences currently in force in the UK are dangerous driving and “causing death by dangerous driving (Section 1 of the Road Traffic Act,the Act As you would expect these offences are at the top of the scale of the most serious road traffic offences in the country.

The maximum sentence has been set at 14 years imprisonment, the sentence ranges are generally higher for this offence than for the offence of causing death by careless driving. Some cases will be on the borderline between dangerous and careless driving, or may involve a number of factors that significantly increase the seriousness of an offence.  In relation to alternative charges, if a charge of causing death by dangerous driving has not been proven on the evidence the court has the power to convict for the lesser charges of either dangerous driving or careless or inconsiderate driving even though it has not been charged as such.


Death by Dangerous Driving is an extremely serious charges therefore you should speak with a solicitor regardign this as soon as it is possibel to do so. We would reccomend that you should always make detailed notes of what you said to the police (or anyone else) as soon as possible after the incident while events are still fresh in your mind. In addition to this photographs of the location or any damage, details of lighting and weather conditions and contact details of any witnesses are always useful in the event the case proceeds to trial. Whatever you do it is always advisable to obtain legal advice from a reputable solicitor, particularly one who specialises in road traffic law.

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