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Speeding cases

Speeding cases near schools on increase?

Speeding Cases Near Schools

A Queen Street resident of Carnoustie has called on traffic calming measures being introduced near to a school in the local area. He maintains that speed limits of 20MPH are routinely ignored by “Rat run” type drivers who use the area as a short cut

He said: “I am most concerned at the irresponsible speeds that many motorists are travelling at along this once quiet residential street.

“There is a primary school at the top of this road and I that think that consideration must now be given to traffic calming measures such as those already in place at other schools in the town.

At the moment theze cases tend to be dealt with by a local police presence for a week or two and the issuing of Fixed penalties of £100 fines and 3pp but there is no reason that they could not be dealt with by citation to court and a possible higher level of points imposed

The courts have a discretion to impose up to 6pp for speeding offences and they regularly acknowledge that speeding near to schools and hospitals and other vulnerable places needs to be targetted.

Personally, I would suggest that this is a much beter use of police resources than the motorway speed cops that we see sitting on over bridges and the like, just racking up fines for the benefit of Her Majesty’s Govt. We all know that most speeding offences occur on motorways but that this is not the area of key danger to pedestrians and other road users. Common sense tells us that low level speed areas like outside schools need to be defended. If the local Government are not going to build speed bumps andthe like then lets the police out there protecting our school children from selfish drivers who reckon their time is more important than the safety of our children.

An Angus Council spokesman said that a 20mph limit operated on the street at times that children were entering and leaving Woodlands Primary School. They also indicated that they would make further enquiries regarding the level of risk and take action if required.