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Steven Farmer In the News Again

Steven Farmer featured in the tabloids again after a dramatic win in a case at Paisley Sheriff court, where all the odds were stacked against our client.

Our client owns and operates a small business running a “Party Bus” A group of ladies had been enjoying themselves on his bus drinking alcohol and dancing on the bus, when it was alleged that one of the ladies fell against the door, which has opened and the girl fell out of the moving vehicle. The Crown went forward with this case even after Steven Farmer had approached them and they accepted that the bus door was not faulty. In Mr Farmer’s opinion it was conducted by the prosecution with a sense of zeal that the case did not merit however common sense prevailed when the Sheriff upheld Mr Steven Farmer’s legal submission.

Steven Farmer, acting for our client Mr Hardie, argued he had no case to answer as the women had been told to sit down and signs displayed in the bus said they should not stand. It was reported in the National press that Mr Farmer said….

“While I sympathise with Ms Keegan, culpable and reckless conduct is a very serious charge and can carry custodial sentences.

“Ms Keegan may have fallen from the bus but my client faced being thrown under the bus as a result of this egregious prosecution.

“Thankfully common sense has prevailed and Mr Hardie has been rightly acquitted.”