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The Myth Of Scotland’s Speeding Capital

It has long been said that Dumfries  is Scotland’s speeding capital and is home to the “Cyclops Cops,” Monsters that sit on bridges and at the side of the road waiting to train their mystical laser beams on passing motorcyclists who are then thrown from their mighty steads and forced to sit in a state of despair and purgatory where they polish and clean their gleaming dream machines for months or sometimes years until they are allowed to take to the road again.

As the first lawyer to set up a road traffic specialist firm in Scotland and as an avid motorcyclist myself I have frequently visited the land of the cyclops, to enjoy some of the best motorcycling that the world has to offer. Not just in Scotland but the world! But why would a keen motorcyclist dare visit the land of the cyclops? I hear you say and my response is simple….”The cyclops cop is a myth”

As a lawyer who specialises in examining the detail and as a motorcyclist imbued with a degree of commonsense I am not going to try to persuade you that Dumfries is not home to the cyclops cops BUT like the cyclops of mythology,  they tend to hunt in very specific areas. (I have listed them on this page to make sure that all motorcyclists are well warned of the dangers of running into the cyclops cops.)

Police Scotland have  been publicly criticised for its “excessive” camera van policing of the stretch of key trunk road near Lockerbie.

One van, situated at Kirkpatrick Fleming, recorded 7310 speeding offences. And a few miles north, near Beattock, the second-highest number of offences was recorded by a different van – 5187.

The road is the key route from the north of England to the North Coast 500 and hundreds of other wonderful motorcycle routes all over Scotland that motorcyclists seek out every Spring and Summer.

As many of our fellow motorcyclists head north I head south as the roads in the Borders and around Dumfries and Galloway are some of the best roads in the UK for a day out on your motorbike. If you want further proof of that just look at these guys show you how to tackle the roads of Dumfries and Galloway………cops, not monsters!

Here’s the top 10 mobile speed camera spots in Scotland (in terms of fines issued)

1 A74(M) near to Whicketthorn, Kirkpatrick Fleming – 7310

2 A74(M) S.B.C near to Holms O/B, Beattock – 5187

3 A74(M) near to Torwood O/B, J17, Lockerbie – 4199

4 The A90 Road Edinburgh between Burnshot Flyover and Cammo Road – 4081

5 A74(M) near Greenhillstairs O/B, Beattock – 3252

6 A90 Aberdeen to Dundee at Kingsway West Charlotte Street – 2830

7 A92 Crossgates to Glenrothes near to the

A909 Bridge Street Junction – 2578

8 A74(M) S.B.C near to North O/B, J19, Ecclefechan – 2507

9 Houstoun Road Livingston West Lothian at Nettlehill Road – 2481

10 A68 Road Soutra Hill North From the West Entrance to Dunlaw Wind Farm Scottish Borders – 2385

Even the local MSP for the area has spoken out about the use of the camera vans on the A74.

He said: “While there is a need to reduce the number of incidents on the A74, these figures show the police presence is excessive.

The data shows that the majority of police time is being spent on motorway stretches.

The overall number of fines – from mobile and also fixed location cameras – has actually halved since 2013, dropping from 85,069 in 2013 to 38,961 in 2016.

The purpose of this brief blog post is to help dispel the myth that motorcyclists are targeted by the police in Dumfries and Galloway-that is simply not true. (Speeding motorway riders and drivers are definitely targeted but responsible riders are welcome throughout the area by local businesses who rely upon the goodwill of motorcyclists and