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Using Mobile Phones at the Wheel

New Technology to Combat Drivers who flout the law introduced.

Camera scanners used to target motorists

As reported widely in the English press, most notably in The Telegraph, the ‘fight against’ drivers using their mobile phones at the wheel has taken a new twist.

The UK’s first road signs which will electronically detect and warn drivers who are using mobile phones have been introduced in Norwich, Norfolk. These signs can detect when signals are being transmitted by a mobile telephone inside a car, and then flashes a symbol of a mobile phone with a line through it to remind drivers not to use their handsets while behind the wheel.

The road signs work by using a scanner to detect the radio signals emitted when someone in the car is connected to a call, with this data used to illuminate a sign further down the road.

The scanner can pick up both mobile phone radio signals and Bluetooth signals, and differentiates between the two. This means those using Bluetooth for a hands-free connection, will not be warned by the sign, as if the scanner picks up a Bluetooth signal, it will disable the light.

However, they do not monitor data connections, meaning those using internet services on their phones will not be detected.

In these early stages they are hoped to be used as a deterrent, as the signs cannot yet record cars’ registration or issue fines. The signs also cannot tell whether a driver or passenger is using the handset however the data will be shared with Norfolk police to set up potential future crackdowns.

While the introduction has been limited to the South East of England, it is safe to assume that these camers will soon be seen on Scottish roads.

More Information on the penalties for using your phone while driving can be foudn here

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