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Average Speed Cameras In ScotlandWhere Are Average Speed Cameras In Scotland.

Jeremy Clarkson recently spoke out about Average Speed Cameras in Scotland, on his flashy and very lovely new website stating

“We are told that since average speed cameras were installed on a 99 mile section of the A9 in Scotland, the number of people being killed has fallen by two. And that’s lovely of course for the two people who are now not dead, but could it be, I wonder, that they continue to be alive because the weather’s better these days, or because cars are safer? The speed Nazis don’t really have an answer for that one.”

Whatever you might think of Jeremy Clarkson, he does have  a way with words and controversy, and I guess that has served him well in keeping himself and his motley crew in the public eye for his entire career.

He was recently banging on about that old hobby horse of his “Average Speed Cameras” criticising the use of average speed cameras in general but gave a special mention to the stats out of Scotland to say that only two people had been saved from death and I guess that is entirely correct but the road safety boys ie The Scottish Govt, and all those vested interests in speed detection would say look more closely, Jeremy.

The number of people seriously injured fell from 20 to four, while fatal and serious collisions dropped from 17 to seven, a 59% fall.

There were no fatal collisions anywhere on the A9 in the last six months of 2015, the longest period in Transport Scotland’s accident database which reports back to 1978.

Personally I love fighting speed camera cases and have won all the Average Speed Camera cases we have fought, but believe it or not, we hardly ever fight these cases as drivers just accept the penalty believing that there is no way out. Well I for one can tell you that there is, so if you are facing a ban or high level points get in touch and we will show you how to stay on the road and keep your licence when facing prosecution in an average speed camera case in Scotland.

“Fatal and serious casualties have more than halved and there are clear and substantial reductions in fatal casualties both between Perth and Inverness and between Perth and Dunblane.

Jeremy also went onto to say “The problem is that local councils and civil servants and people on the Highways Safety Partnership, who are all morons or they’d have a better job, have got it into their heads that speed is more dangerous than smearing yourself in meat and poking a great white in the eye. They think that if they can tackle speed, all will be well.” 

His best point is when he says “They use cameras to enforce their will but these cameras? Can they catch people who have no driving licence? No. Nor can they spot people on the phone, or people who are drunk, or people who have just eaten a big K and E sandwich. They are concentrating on speed, which doesn’t matter at all, and ignoring all of the things which do”.

My concern with JC is he never lets the facts get in the way of a good story and he really does not give a damn about who he may endanger. His rant went on to say his readers should all go onto find out who in Government is responsible and use Social Media to make your feelings known.I assume he means bombard them with polite protest but you can bet the result will be all the crazy trolls writing threatening and abusive texts to their poor sod MPs. I am with him in that we should make a peaceful protest about the overuse of speed cameras throughout Scotland but a well informed point, well made carries a lot more weight that a ferw thousand people shouting “Gonnae no dae that”

If you have concerns then drop an email to the Scottish Transport Minister

If you want to know more about the different types of speed cameras used in Scotland check out our site.