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More than 94% of our clients keep their driving licences in cases defended by us.

In December 2001 Graham Walker Solicitor established the first firm in Scotland to dedicate itself to the specialisation of road traffic law. Before that time he had specialised in criminal law operating his own firm since 1984.  Since then he has had many imitators. Some better than others, but how do you decide who is the best lawyer for your case?

You need to know who has the experience, the ability and the legal know how to win YOUR case. Ask friends, family and your current lawyer or seek genuine testimonials and references from prior clients of that firm.

Every case is different and must be assessed on its own facts and circumstances. If you are facing a driving ban, we will provide you with a FREE Caseplanner Meeting(tm) . You can meet with one of Scotland’s most experienced road traffic lawyers who will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

For your FREE Caseplanner Meeting(tm)  get in touch today….the clock is ticking and you have nothing to lose and possibly a driving licence to gain.

Road Traffic Lawyer, Graham Walker,  established the first firm in Scotland to specialise exclusively in road traffic law. We are road traffic law experts. Road Traffic Law is what we do every day….nothing else. His experience, working with high profile and celebrity cases has  earned the sobriquet “Scotland’s Loophole Lawyer” from the press!

The Guarantee:

  1. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the professional service provided at all times or your money back.
  2. We guarantee a fixed fee price that will not be changed or added to no matter how often you need to attend court
  3. We guarantee a legally qualified member of our team will return your calls within 24 hours
  4. We guarantee that we will dedicate 100% effort to win your case and deliver the best result for you

Graham Walker has over 30 years of experience in criminal defence work

Graham Walker has now developed a support team of lawyers and para legals and support staff and their specialisation can win your case. You can depend upon us for up to the minute legal advice, FREE advice is available throughout this website and we will be pleased to offer more FREE advice should you call us.

We have successfully defended drivers in courts throughout Scotland. We are in court EVERY day and have built up a considerable level of expertise that can be applied to save your licence.

We have unique technical and legal databases that are constantly updated.

We are the only firm in the UK to be invited to visit the GATSO camera factory in the Netherlands

We frequently deal with high profile clients in delicate situations and we ensure that wherever possible we keep them OUT of the News.

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For peace of mind contact us today. We are friendly and approachable. We often provide FREE advice, especially at the early stages of a case. Free tips on how to deal with a motoring offence are available on this website and our members area.

We are here to win your case and save your licence

Whether you wish to fight a speeding ticket, a drink driving charge or any other motoring offence you should call us now.