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In December 2001 Solicitors was established as the first road traffic law specialist firm in Scotland.

Disclaimer: one imitator boldly declares on their website that they are the original road traffic experts and that other firms (presumably including ourselves) are “copycats”. We would prefer not to engage in this sort of thing but you need to know who has the experience, the ability and the legal know how to win YOUR case. Ask friends, family, your current lawyer or seek genuine testimonials and references from prior clients of that firm. We acknowledge that we are not the only capable road traffic law specialist however we stand by our independent and verified Trustpilot reviews. Furthermore, if it is important to you to know who is the “original” specialist firm – and who isn’t – simply check when their domain was registered. Our domain was registered in 2001.

We are road traffic law experts. Road Traffic Law is what we do every day….nothing else; including, but by no means limited to, high profile and celebrity cases.

Every case is different and must be assessed on its own facts and circumstances. Get in touch today…. we will provide you with a FREE Caseplanner Meeting where you can meet with one of Scotland’s most experienced road traffic lawyers who will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of your case.


The Guarantee:

  1. We guarantee a fixed fee price that will not be changed or added to no matter how often we need to attend court.
  2. We guarantee a member of our team will return your calls within 24 hours.
  3. We guarantee that we will dedicate 100% effort to win your case and deliver the best result for you.

We are a team of lawyers, paralegals, and support staff whose specialisation can win your case.

We have successfully defended drivers in every court throughout Scotland. We are in court EVERY day and have built up a considerable level of expertise that can be applied to save your licence.

____________________ Lead Lawyer:

Steven Farmer

Our current managing director, Steven, joined Roadtrafficlaw in 2011 after graduating first in his class from Glasgow University. Hand-picked by our previous owner Graham Walker as his potential successor, Steven left briefly to join a general practice and broaden his areas of expertise before returning later. In 2018, Steven completed a meteoric 7-year rise from trainee to managing director of before assuming full ownership of the firm in 2021. Steven had gradually assumed most of Graham’s court work and his rise was largely based on the back of a string of acquittals. Like Graham before him, he has defended fellow solicitors, celebrities, sports stars, police officers and peers of the realm. Several of his cases have attracted nationwide attention in the popular press. However it is the sheer volume of acquittals (he has never lost a jury trial that he has defended personally) and other successful outcomes upon which he has built his reputation.


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There is a vast amount of free information on our website: you can also find free tips on how to deal with a motoring offence under the ‘Legal Services’ & ‘Guides’ sections of our site. Solicitors are here to win your case, and save your licence.