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We are a dedicated, specialist Road Traffic Law firm with a verified 94% success rate. We represent motorists in EVERY Court throughout Scotland and count amongst our previous clients; fellow solicitors, leading advocates and KCs, peers of the realm, ‘celebrities’ and police officers.

Our client reviews have made us “Trustpilot’s Top Rated Scottish Law Firm”

A word on our success rate. Anyone can create a fantastic “success rate” with the correct sampling criteria. Don’t be misled by headline claims. We do not hide behind small print. Our 94% success rate is based on an independent analysis of 1000 of our cases chosen at random. We believe we are the only firm to have our case outcomes independently analysed:

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What Allegations Can We Help With?



Our bread and butter. We have conducted countless speeding trials over the years. Click the ‘Speeding in Scotland’ button below to see our comprehensive guides on speeding offences, speeding equipment and speeding penalties:

Speeding in Scotland


Drink Driving

Read our comprehensive drink driving guides, including the ’10 Most Common Mistakes Made In Drink-Driving Cases’. Click the Drink Driving Charges button below for information on the law, police procedures, potential penalties, and defences:

Drink Driving Charges


Dangerous Driving

In terms of Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 “A person who drives a mechanically propelled vehicle dangerously on a road or other public place is guilty of an offence”. We have an exceptional track record with these cases. Click the Dangerous Driving Info button below for information on the what the charge is, potential penalties, and what we can do to defend you:

Dangerous Driving Info.


Careless Driving

The one that is all too easy to commit. If you are unlucky enough to have been charged with Careless Driving then we can help. Click the below ‘Carelss Driving Info.’ button for detailed information on the charge you are facing:

Careless Driving Info.


Mobile Phone Allegations

This is an ever evolving area of Road Traffic Law, meaning that expert legal assistance is now more important than ever. You will find detailed information on all aspects of this charge by clicking the ‘Mobile Phone Use’ button below:

Mobile Phone Use


Running a Red Light

These charges are often disputed by drivers who have bene issued with a fixed penalty or case papers. Whether witnessed by the police or captured on camera, we can win your case. Click the below ‘Red Light Allegations’ button to find out more:

Red Light Allegations


Failure to Provide a Specimen

Often viewed by the courts as a more serious offence than drink-driving itself. See our essential guide by clicking the below ‘Failure to Provide’ button where you will find information on the charge and what does (and what does not) constitute a defence to such an allegation:

Failure to Provide


Exception Hardship in Scotland

In danger of accumulating 12 penalty points in a 3-year period? You could be facing a 6-month disqualification. Fortunately we can help. We can even provide you with a FREE e-book upon request. Follow the below ‘Exceptional Hardship’ button to find out more:

Exceptional Hardship


Driving Without Insurance

An offence which can be committed entirely unknowingly. It is also an offence which can reverse the burden of proof onto the accused person. We can provide expert advice on how to defend this charge and whether special reasons for non-endorsement may apply in your case. Use the below ‘No Insurance Allegations’ button for more:

No Insurance Allegations


Failure to Stop/Failure to Report Accident

If your vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in damage or injury, you have a duty to stop and provide details under Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. If you are unable to do so for any reason, you must also report the incident to the police as soon as possible and, in any event, within 24 hours. Full details can be found by clicking the below ‘Failure to Stop & Report’ button:

Failure to Stop & Report


Failure to Provide Driver Details

If you have been flashed by a speed camera and received a dreaded Notice of Intended Prosecution, or even if the police have legally required you in person, you may be committing an offence if you do not confirm who was driving the vehicle. The right to silence and the right not to incriminate oneself does not apply. Read on to keep yourself on the right side of the law by clicking the below ‘Section 172 Charge’ button:

Section 172 Charge


Why Choose Our Firm?

1) Our Specialist Service:

We are Road Traffic Law Experts: it is what we do every day….nothing else!

We were the first firm in Scotland to specialise exclusively in Road Traffic Law: our domain was registered in 2001, confirming we were the first firm to specialise in this area of law. However while being first is important, it is not the only relevant criteria: we are founder members of the Assocaition of Motor Offence Lawyers. During his career, our founder Graham Walker has been invited to provide member training for the Law Society of Scotland, Glasgow Bar Association, The Royal Faculty of Procurators, and Scottish courts. His successor, our current managing director Mr Farmer, is a gifted academic who graduated top of his year from Glasgow University.  They have featured in National Newspapers and on TV & Radio: while celebrity endorsement is never encouraged or rewarded, many of our cases have been reported on and are in the public domain.

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2) Our Success Rate:

Our success rate is 94%. Other websites claim similar – or better – success rates. Anyone can create a fantastic “success rate” with the correct sampling criteria. Don’t be misled by headline claims. We do not hide behind small print. Our 94% success rate is based on an independent analysis of 1000 of our cases chosen at random. We believe we are the only firm to have our case outcomes independently analysed.

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3) Our Client Feedback:

Probably the most important guide for anyone.

We gather reviews from our clients on Trustpilot and Google. Our 5/5 Trustpilot rating means we have the highest satisfaction rating of any road traffic firm in the UK. We also have a Five Star rating on Google Reviews, along with many years of testimonials from previous clients.

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If you have been charged with ANY motoring offence in Scotland then call the Road Traffic Law Experts. We would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your options at a no obligation consultation.

If you have a legal issue which is not our area of expertise (e.g a civil law personal injury matter) then we will endevour to refer you to somebody who can assist.