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Road Traffic Law Cases In The Media

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Road Traffic Law Cases in The Media

We are actively involved in many Road Traffic cases and work to get the best outcome for our clients. Here are some of the more notable public cases that Graham Walker has had involvement in…

Lawyer To The Stars Dubbed Scotland’s Mr Loophole

Nick Freeman and Graham Walker “team up” to win Drink Drive case for David LLoyd

Football Manager Peter Houston Cleared of Speeding

Georgious Samaras, Celtic Striker Beats Driving Rap

Michelle Mone Hires Scotland’s Loophole Lawyer

Shane Warne Escapes Driving Ban at 103mph

Sir Ranulph Fiennes Escapes Driving Ban

Graham Walker Calls For Change to Drink Drive Laws

Footballer’s Speeding Charge Dropped 

Loophole Lawyer Helps Rolls Royce Driver Beat A Driving Ban

Edinburgh Woollen Mill Boss Beats Dangerous Driving Charge

Two Men Cleared After Boozed Up Young Lady Falls From A Moving Party Bus

Newspaper and Magazine Editors are important. It is common for a firm like ours build relationships with journalists, editors and bloggers. But we also learn which Journalists, Bloggers and Editors cover road traffic law and road safety issues in Scotland well. They tend to appreciate being kept in the loop and can be very helpful when you anticipate that a story will “hit the press” and the spin of that story needs to be leveraged or taken in another direction.

  1. We have taken the opportunity over 30 years of legal practise to build and maintain relationships.We are patient in building those trusting relationships with the press.  We take the time to “Take a breath.” BEFORE we engage with the press as you need to know what you want and understand why getting what you want will also work for the journalist or PR agency involved.
  2. Road traffic law is boring- until proven otherwise. No one really “has it in for you” they are in the business of filling up their news pages and one day that will be good news about you the next it might be horrible. Just look at the coverage of any celeb caught drink driving. It’s nothing personal, it just sells newspapers.
  3. All they want is a story that people will want to read- “A human interest story. Your story may be the one that they run with today but tomorrow they will have moved on without a further thought for you, your family or the consequences of their story for you or your family. You are merely collateral damage in their war against their competitors.
  4. Keep it short, like Donald Trump, they have a short attention span. Journalists are always under time pressure deadlines and they usually have several stories or projects that they are working on at any given time 
  5. No one reads press releases. Even journalists are too busy to read press releases so don’t think that a well aimed Press Release is all you need to stop a snow storm of bad press when the cold winds of scandal  are whirling around your ankles.
  6. Do your Homework and make sure you know what you want to say – Get your message straight. If you phone journalist up after interview and start changing things around they are unlikely to want to work with you again as you have become a source of hassle for them.

I could go on but these are a few of the ground rules picked up along the way from dealing with the press over the years. If you are a high profile character you should let us help as we know our way around the press in Scotland and have many friends and associates who are willing to listen to us before those presses start to roll or the “#Twittershere” starts to spin.